San Antonio Chaguite, Typica (Washed)

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  • San Antonio Chaguite, Typica (Washed)
  • San Antonio Chaguite, Typica (Washed)
  • San Antonio Chaguite, Typica (Washed)
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This is our 4th harvest with the Family Bonds farms. As part of our direct origin program, the Perez family runs close to our hearts. Championing all aspects of what we believe constitutes Specialty Coffee, the Perez family utilises technology and an Agronomical approach to maintaining their farm lands. The results of which drive their coffees to be perennially consistent in quality and stability.

The San Antonio Chaguite farm, having the highest elevation of the four farms, coffees planted here develop more intensely and also maturing slower, allowing for better development of acidity and complexity. 

This washed process Typica varietal is one of the newer and successful diversity projects to come out of the Family Bonds farm.

Taste Notes: Red Grape, Citrus, Red Tea

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60

Country/Region: Guatemala/Huehuetenango

Varietal: Typica

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1575 - 2000 m.a.s.l.

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