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  • Uraga Tome
  • Uraga Tome
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The Uraga district area within the Guji zone has been one of the many beneficiaries of the Ethiopian Government's focus on supply chain traceability. Tadesse Edema is one of the many thousands of farmers in the Guji zone that have not been able to get the deserved recognition for the quality of coffee that they have been producing until these changes were put in place. A native of the Guji region in Ethiopia, Tedesse is no stranger to the specialty coffee industry, his first washing station in Uraga (Take Burka) was part of the well known Layo Teraga Cooperative. 7 years ago he expanded his production capability by establishing the Tome washing station within the Uraga district.

Interestingly for the Tome washing station, fresh cherries are sourced from the Uraga and nearby Hambela district, whereas most washing stations source for cherries from within their own districts. This particular lot is a natural process coffee, where cherries are collected on a daily basis during harvest, after the initial quality inspection, cherries are rinsed and laid to dry on raise beds. As a Grade One classification the additional hand sorting throughout the drying stage as well as 

Taste Notes: Melon, Rose Hip, Mango

Recommended Brew Methods: V60

Country/Region: Ethiopia/Guji

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom

Processing: Natural

Elevation: 1900 - 2300 m.a.s.l.

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