Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Cera Pasa

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  • Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Cera Pasa
  • Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Cera Pasa
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From our favourite Coffee Garden, Coffea Diversa in Biolley, Costa Rica. Gonzalo Hernandez has created one of the largest private collections of coffee varietals. Choosing to pursue the path of genetic diversification and retaining the history and lustre of coffees that were once grown around the world but now have been all but forgotten. 
Cera Varietal: 

Cera is natural mutation of Bourbon originating from Brazil. Characterized by the yellow colour of the seed when fully dried, the colour of the bean is not green but golden hue. It is also known locally as “Golden Bean” or “Coffee Golden Nuggets”. This varietal is rarely commercialised as compared to its more prolific relative Bourbon due to its lower yield of fruit.

Pasa Processing Method:
Meaning "Raisin" in Spanish, this hybrid method is a combination of Natural and Honey processes. The coffee cherries are picked fully ripe and sun dried on raised beds for 72 hours. Subsequently the fermented fruit is collected and pulped with mucilage fully intact. The depulped coffee is then returned raised beds until it reaches final moisture content of 11%.


We Taste: Hojicha, Citrus, Roasted Cashew, Malt
Recommended Brew Methods: V60
Country/Region: Costa Rica/Biolley
Varietal: Cera
Processing: Pasa Process
Elevation: 1250 - 1400 m.a.s.l.

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