Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Mokka Winey

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  • Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Mokka Winey
  • Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Mokka Winey
  • Costa Rica Coffea Diversa Mokka Winey
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From our favourite Coffee Garden, Coffea Diversa in Biolley, Costa Rica. Gonzalo Hernandez has created one of the largest private collections of coffee varietals. Choosing to pursue the path of genetic diversification and retaining the history and lustre of coffees that were once grown around the world but now have been all but forgotten. One of the many reasons why we have been partnering with Gonzalo for the third harvest.
Mokka, Winey Process: A natural mutation from the Bourbon family, the Mokka varietal has the title of producing the smallest beans in the Arabica family. Primarily cultivated in Yemen, Mokka owes its name to the port city of Al-Makha where coffee and spices traded to and from Asia. However due to the low yield and difficulty of commercialising coffee in Yemen, this varietal is rarely seen produced outside of Yemen.


We Taste: Almonds, Stonefruit Sweetness, Plums

Recommended Brew Methods: V60

Country/Region: Costa Rica/Biolley

Varietal: Mokka

Processing: Winey Process

Elevation: 1200 - 1350 m.a.s.l.

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