Terra Firma (Subscription)

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  • Terra Firma (Subscription)
  • Terra Firma (Subscription)
  • Terra Firma (Subscription)

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Must. Drink. Coffee., MDC for short, is our coffee subscription program. You get to choose from our existing blends or featured single origin coffees to be delivered straight to your doorstep for 3 or 6 months.

  • 3-Month Subscription
    • 2x 250g bags (per month) of Terra Firma
    • Total of 6 bags over 3 months
  • 6-Month Subscription
    • 2x 250g bags (per month) of Terra Firma
    • Total of 12 bags over 6 months

You save 8% by subscribing to our MDC subscription plans!

The flagship Terra Firma blend is designed around the dynamic and yet fleeting nature of specialty coffee. With each iteration crafted for a unique profile, and only available for 6 months. The current composition allows us to explore the interaction between processing methods. Comprising of both the Washed and Natural processed versions of the Finca Isnul Pacamara from our direct to origin partners, the Anzueto family. 

We Taste: Jackfruit, Strawberry Jam, Malt, Chocolate

Current Composition: Guatemala Finca Isnul (Washed)/ Guatemala Finca Isnul Natural

Recommended Recipe: Dry Coffee Weight: 19.5g - Beverage Weight: 40g - 30 seconds


MDC Roasting & Shipping Schedule
All coffees for MDC are roasted to order in our roasting facility in Jalan Besar.
The cut-off date for subscriptions is the 20th of every month. Any subscription after the cut-off will follow the next month's cycle. You should receive the coffees at your doorstep within 5 working days from the cut-off date. 

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