Javanero Pasundan Honey

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  • Javanero Pasundan Honey
  • Javanero Pasundan Honey
  • Javanero Pasundan Honey
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At the very core of Specialty Coffee is a bedrock of relationships - from our partnership with the Javanero Coffee Cooperative to the relationships they establish with their smallholder farms. These very foundations have allowed us to showcase this fantastic lot from West Java, Indonesia.

Teddy Somantri and Indradi Soemardjan coordinate the Javanero facility, comprising of approximately 230 smallholder farms. Leveraging on modern farming techniques and with input from the global specialty coffee industry, Javanero has been able to continuously push the quality of their coffee in many dimensions. This particular released is a honey process lot, a method rarely employed due to the humidity levels in Indonesia, great care and consistent observation allow for coffees to be dried while minimising effects from climate factors.


Taste Notes: Red Fruit, Sugarcane, Plum

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60

Country/Region: West Java

Varietal: Typica, S-Line

Processing: Honey

Elevation: 1350 - 1600 m.a.s.l.

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