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  • Kenya Githongo
  • Kenya Githongo
  • Kenya Githongo
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Kenya has always produced unique and complex coffee profiles, this lot is no exception. The Githongo wet mill, one of 13 owned by the Komothai Farmers Cooperative Society is located 54km North West of Nairobi, a region renowned for producing outstanding coffees. consisting of more than 960 growers spread of 190 hectares. Some of the factors that makes Kenyan coffees so special is its combination of suitable varietals and fertile soil, composed of red volcanic sediment, loam and black cotton soil, providing high nutrients and water retention ability. Coffee Cherries from smallholders are harvested, delivered to the wet mill, sorted and go through a typical Kenyan Double wash method where coffees are undergo 2 cycles of fermentation and washing, creating a lively and effervescence that it is so highly prized for.

Taste Notes: Cherry Tomato sweetness, Plum, Lime 

Recommended Brew Methods: Aeropress

Country/Region: Kenya/Kiambu County

Varietal: SL 28 & SL 34

Processing: Fully-Washed

Elevation: 1850 - 1950 m.a.s.l.

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