[Preorder] Really Good Coffee Hatuhei

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  • [Preorder] Really Good Coffee Hatuhei
  • [Preorder] Really Good Coffee Hatuhei
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This Really Good Coffee hails from Hatuhei, a small group of coffee farmers in the village of Ducrai, Letefoho sub-district of Emera, Timor Leste.

Children and youths in the Ermera district can walk 2-3hours a day just to get from their homes in the villages to schools in the bigger sub-districts. Sundermeier Home was set up to serve as a residential hostel to house youths (13-17 years old) in the Ermera district. Sundermeier Home is located in Gleno (the capital and biggest city in Ermera) and it is just a 10minutes walk away from the local high school. Youths staying in Sundermeier Home can hence save on their traveling time, making more effective use of their time. Youths in the home also have their physical, emotional and educational needs well-cared for, giving them a conducive environment to spend their teenage years. The profits from Really Good Goods will go towards sponsoring the stay in Sundermeier Home for youths from the coffee farming communities in Letefoho*.

*Profits (set at $5.00 per bag) will be donated to the Student Scholarship Scheme for Sundermeier Home in Timor Leste via Methodist Missions Society. (http://www.mms.org.sg/sss)

We Taste: Sparkling Berries, Milk Chocolate and Lotus Biscuits

Recommended Brew Methods: Hario V60

Country/Region: Timor Leste/Letefoho

Varietal: Hybrid de Timor, Typica

Processing: Fully-Washed

Elevation: 1,967 m.a.s.l.

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