Supernova Fusion Capsules

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  • Supernova Fusion Capsules
  • Supernova Fusion Capsules
  • Supernova Fusion Capsules
  • Supernova Fusion Capsules
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Join the pod family and never run out of your favorite coffees

10 pods per pack, 86 cents per pod, min of 3 per order

Get Supernova, as a subscription, so that you can get your pods, exactly when you want it.  

Supernova is Papa Palheta's expression to excite and ignite everyone's Specialty Coffee journey, through environmentally friendly, Nespresso-compatible capsules.  

Fusion is the best of both worlds. It's a capsule blend which you can enjoy on its own but also fuses well with a warm glass of milk. Some of us find this to be the perfect 'Everyday' coffee


40% Panama Santa Clara 40% Guatemala Finca Isnul 20% Ethiopia Suke Quto

Expect To Taste: Floral, Citrus, Hazelnut

Each Pack consist of 10 Nespresso compatible capsules.

All capsules are 100% compostable. because our environment deserves a lot more love, just Like Specialty Coffee.

Click here to read our Supernova FAQ.

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