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As one of the main export commodities,  specialty coffee has a unique position in coffee industry of Papua New Guinea. Far enough from the equator to allow for ideal drying climates, but yet still situated within the Asia Pacific region, by association leaving an impression that the taste profile is similar to that of its neighbouring countries.

Situated roughly 400km Northwest of the capital of Port Moresby. The Nori Kori Valley, Virgin Mountain is named for the well preserved coffee trees that separate  the Kamano/Kafe and the Gadzup people.

One of the primary reasons that coffees like these reach the expected quality requirements of the specialty coffee industry is through the hard work and resilience of people like Ben Akike, who connects smallholder farms with milling and export facilities. Ben has taken on the role of coffee curator, collector and educator in the Nori Kori Valley. He ensures that the high prices he pays for the coffee cherries warrant their prices, and contributes to the smallholder community education on sustainable and positive agricultural practices. Ben has been an inspirational figure in the Specialty coffee producing community in Papua New Guinea, and has been integral in promoting the quality of coffee from this region.

Taste Notes: Orange Peel, Yellow Plums, Bakers Chocolate 

Recommended Brew Methods: Filter

Country/Region: Papua New Guinea/Nori Kori Valley

Varietal: Typica, Arusha

Processing: Washed

Elevation: 1600 - 1700 m.a.s.l.

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