Helmed by Ernesto Menendez, coffees from this multiple Cup of Excellence entrant is derived form the ...
  • Papa Palheta is proud to present this series of carefully procured coffees. It's the also the first of our Ninety Plus Coffee offerings. This is your chance to enjoy some of the world's most prized coffees. Drop in or jump on to our website to find out more!
  • Thanks Debbie and #TheBusinessTimes for the lovely write up about subscription programs and our Must.Drink.Coffee program. What's better than having good coffee outside? Delicious coffee at home!
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  • Non-identical twins.
  • It's here, and it looks rockin on the dual counters at @cshhcoffee, and we're not talking about the weather.
  • The importance of keeping your workstation clean Our Espresso Redefined classes are aimed at the holistic process of extracting espresso, from making delicious coffee to maintaining a beautiful workstation. Well done SQ Crew!
  • Lovin the coffee that is coming out of this beast, the #nutsandbolts is tasting amazing! Thanks @drurylanesg for the delicious coffees
  • Happy birthday Singapore! 49 years young and amazing. Looking forward to the fireworks tonight! 🎆
  • We are loving their house blend LEGAZPI #yardstickcoffee #legazpi #pppcoffeetrails #manila
  • Pitstop visit to the lovely people at Yardstick.
  • Just a tad special. This synesso Hydra is a hybrid. The volumetric to smash through the busy hours, a manual paddle just for the extra special coffees that need a barista's finesse. Wooden handles add a bit of touch and feel. The cherry on top is a creamy white powder cost finish. No expense spared for this machine!
  • A roadmap to good coffee. Just follow the water. From @rocket_espresso, the new R8V, is just plain impressive, simplicity interlaced with the latest technology. You can even program your settings from your android equipped phone!
  • Testing the R8V tonight. From @rocket_espresso, individual brew tanks, pressure profiling. Makes that late night espresso taste even sweeter. This machine purrs like a kitty, or an internal gear pump! Get more out of your coffee, drop is a line to find out more.
  • All about the badge. Soon to be serving delicious coffee at CHIJMES
  • The Rocket has landed! "One small footprint for a machine, one giant leap for making coffee!"
  • how clean is your coffee? Dispersion screens do have a life span, as sediment gets trapped between the mesh, it eventually builds up. It may look clean, but you never know what lurks beneath the surface!
  • CUPPING DEFINED: A very personal cupping session. For more info, visit our website, under Education>Classes
  • Excited for this year's lineup, remember to get your tickets tomorrow evening at @cshhcoffee . LET'S DO THIS!
  • Meanwhile in the Roastery: Sometimes the sweeting things come in small batches #sampleroasting #coffee #papapalheta #attheroastery
  • We've been eagerly awaiting for these little bundles of excitement. 100 grams of @ninetypluscoffee joy. Exciting times ahead.
  • Bellroy Elements Launch now at CSHH
  • Another day out on the road. Uncle Jack with his trusty steed!
  • Congratulations to our friends at Mugiho Boulangerie and Delicius Pasticceria on their grand opening!
  • They say Friday is a happy day. It sure is! Nothing like that new bag smell! New retail bags, heading up to our friends up in @pulpbyppp ! Signed, sealed, Delivered
  • Round and round she goes. Freshly roasted coffee comin' right up!
  • And there she stands, cleaned and looking like she's fresh out of the factory! Hoping she goes to a good home. Coz we care. #synesso
  • Congratulations to @trineda & his amazing team from Creamier for the soft launch of #SundayFolks
  • We are serving coffee at The Learning Cafe by @WDAsingapore at Bedok Mall B2 Atrium till Sun. Do drop by for some free coffee!
  • The rare opportunity to strip down a gen one Synesso Cyncra. She's gonna get a lovely tune up, spit and Polish. Every machine gets loved and cared for new or old!
  • Love the art work at @sinleefoods by @studio.oooze great work @glossier and @pruue in bringing together the old world and the new world.
  • We are so excited to be supplying this super hip cafe in the old part of Tiong Bahru at Bukit Ho Swee Sin Lee Foods, Old school name, new school food. Get in on it!
  • Congratulations to our friends at Delicius on their soft opening today! We love their Pomme Fromage!
  • Happy Father's Day to all PAPAs!! Have you had your Sunday coffee yet?
Inspired by coffees developed by Abdullah Bagersh from the Aricha station in Yirgacheffe. Hachira co ...
Drawing taste profiles from the Shakisso farm in Sidama, the Nekisse profile is punctuated by intens ...
This iteration of the Gesha varietal comes from the Volcan region of Panama. As a natural processed ...
Hailing from the Yirgacheffe region, the Tchembe is inspired by the Hachiro and Bolo varieties in th ...
The Bonavita variable temperature electric kettle, with a gooseneck spout designed for greater contr ...
A 3-month subscription featuring all the blends we roast. You'll be receiving 2 x 250g of the same b ...


Good to high flavour. Layered, refined sweetness. Good acidity with exceptional aromatics with a ful ...
Papa Palheta constantly aims to raise the bar of specialty coffee. As such, we are excited to bring ...
Our signature Terra Firma Blend is a three-bean union carefully designed to be an all-encompassing r ...
An elegant, one-piece, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass. This coff ...
The Baratza Perciso has 401 settings (100 of which are in the espresso range) Every Baratza Preciso, ...
A 3-month subscription of 2 different filter coffees per month. You'll be receiving 1 x 250g per cof ...
Espresso Redefined Level 1 is for the Home Barista, or someone looking to enter the Coffee industry. ...